10 Steps to Spring Clean Your Bra Drawer

Messy Bra Drawer

Spring cleaning brings visions of throwing the windows open, shaking out rugs and devoting hours to heavy cleaning. More likely nowadays, the projects are smaller since most of us can’t (or won’t) devote whole weeks to house cleaning. If you’re looking for a small project this spring, consider your bra drawer. If it looks anything like one of ours (below) it probably needs some attention.

Breastfeeding or not, I’ll bet you have bras in your drawer that you never wear…or you wear only when everything else is dirty.  If this is you, you’re not alone! Years ago we surveyed women about bras. Two of the questions were: “How many bras do you own?” and “How many bras do you wear regularly?” People usually laughed and admitted the “wear regularly” number was waaaayy lower than the total owned.

To evaluate whether you need to spring clean or not, take a minute to see if you have any of the following types of bras in your dresser.

Are these bras hanging out in your drawer?

  • It was a great bargain, but it isn’t all that comfortable.
  • It was your favorite bra 5 years ago, but it really doesn’t do the job any more.
  • Your husband liked it, but no one could wear that bra for longer than about 30 minutes.
  • When you wear it, you end up tugging and pulling at it all day.
  • The strapless bra you bough when you were 18 and have kept because you swear you’re still the same size.

If you have some of the above bras stashed somewhere at home, it’s probably time to spring clean your bra drawer. It’s not as hard as it sounds, just follow these ten steps and you’ll drawer will be clean in no time.

10 Steps to Spring Clean Your Bra Drawer

  1. Lay all your bras out on your bed. You are going to make 3 piles of bras.
  2. Pull out the ones you love to wear: these are the ones that make you feel good. These go in a “Maybe” group. (They don’t make the grade for “Keeper” yet. Be patient.)
  3. Pull aside the ones you avoid wearing: the strap falls down, the band rides up, the wire cuts into your ribs, the lace is scratchy. This is the “Out-of-Here” group.
  4. Are there any left that aren’t in a group yet? They all go in the Maybe group.
  5. Check out the Maybe’s. Pull the ones you think you ought to like and feel guilty every time you see them because you really don’t like them. They are Out-of-Here.
  6. Remember what your mom used to tell you about clean underwear. If you were in an accident, would you be embarrassed if someone saw you in that bra? Those are Out-of-Here, too.
  7. Are there Maybe bras that have gone through more than 50 wash/wear cycles? Manufacturers say it’s time to replace them. Long before you see holes in fabric, the “memory” of the fabric has been exhausted. If there are bras in the Maybe group that you have worn for years, they are Out-of-Here.
  8. Some of your favorites may have holes or are raveling. They have to go.
  9. Any bra that makes you look thicker and frumpy goes in the Out-of-Here group. Bra sag creeps in so insidiously you may not even remember how you look in a bra that really fits.
  10. From the bras left, choose the ones that help you look better. They make you look thinner and younger. They are comfortable. You can wear them all day without thinking about your bra. These are your Keepers.

If you don’t have many keepers left, you’ll want to treat yourself to some new bras. We suggest that most women need three bras as a bare minimum, but you know best what number of bras you’re most comfortable with. When you’re out purchasing bras, make sure to get help from fitting experts (hint: The ladies at Bosom Buddies are terrific fitters!) so you’re only adding quality, well-fitting bras to your newly clean bra drawer.

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