3 Ways To Make It Easier To Pump At Work

purse pump briefcaseChances are you are, or will be, going back to the same job you had before baby…plus the catch-up for the time you were gone. Now add pumping to your day, too. Oh, my gosh! What will really be helpful? Here are some ideas.

1.  Pumping on the go, different place each time? Traveling? Pumping in your car because you can get peace, quiet and your own music all in one spot?

Medela’s sanitizing wipes will help you quickly wipe your parts down when you don’t have a sink.

–A Pumpin’ Pal mesh accessory bag will keep all your parts together when you do have a sink.

–If you have a microwave available, Medela’s microwave steam bags are a real bargain. Each bag can be used 20 times and are only about a dollar each. Be careful to follow the instructions when adding water. I didn’t pay attention once and melted parts. (This is not a place where a dash of this and a dab of that works!)

2. Where will you store your milk?  Personal use pumps typically have a cooler bag with blue ice. They will keep your milk cool for 10-12 hours at normal room temperature, long enough to get the milk home.

–Here’s a trick to make your life easier: buy a second,  separate cooler bag. When you pick up your baby at the end of the day, leave the milk you pumped that day with your care provider. (You don’t have to remember to pack it up in the morning.) The next day, take your second cooler with you to work. When you pick up baby, leave today’s milk and take yesterday’s bag (now empty) home for cleaning.

3. What to wear? Most people think of nursing clothing just for when a baby is breastfeeding. Actually, a nursing top can make your pumping sessions easier and more discreet. The nursing openings work equally well for positioning your pump bottles and flanges.

–A hands-free bra is perfect. This sets up so well you can pretty much forget you are even pumping: read email, look at pictures of your baby, all that important stuff!

When you are juggling baby and job, convenience is the name of the game. Treat yourself to something little that will make your life easier.

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