Quiet places to nurse while you are out

Providing a private place for moms to breastfeed their babies seems like a kind and sensitive thing to do. I applaud the idea of family lounges in shopping malls. Some college campuses are creating rooms for moms to go and pump between classes. Even some of the baby products and lingerie trade shows I’ve been to have a quiet mother’s room with a rocking chair and changing table.

Here are two unique examples of special places for moms to nurse:

mall bf kiosk

The first is a free-standing kiosk at a mall in Independence, Missouri.



bus bf curtain in China

This is on a public bus in Zhejiang Provence, China




I hope this trend is the result of increasing breastfeeding awareness and acceptance. My fear is that there will always be those who see these accommodations as the only appropriate place for a mother to breastfeed.

Having a clean, quiet place to nurse shouldn’t mean a mother always has to go there.  I hope these are meant to give moms options. “You are welcome to breastfeed here or anywhere, but if you were hoping for something more private…here it is.”

What do you prefer when you are out and about?

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