Abby H’s Pregnancy Blog: Doctors Appointments

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Weeks 17-26

Due Date: April 13, 2015

photo credit: Johnny Vulkan via photopin cc
photo credit: Johnny Vulkan via photopin cc

Weight Gain: +5 lbs from the 1st trimester! I never thought I would be happy to see the numbers on the scale go UP!

Who knew going to the OBGYN every month could also be so stressful! From just getting poked and prodded all the time, to getting scary news.

The Good:

I absolutely love my doctor and his staff. They really make it feel like I am apart of their little family.  The first couple of appointments were enjoyable, seeing the little peanut that would soon look like a real live alien baby, and hearing the heartbeat for the first time. It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time, because it made it all real. I wasn’t showing of course and just had been miserable from morning sickness and stress. So it was nice to have something that proved what I was going through would all be worth it. Later on when I had my 20 week ultrasound, where they do the anatomy check, I got to find out that I was going to have a sweet little girl!

The Bad:

I was so excited, but soon that excitement was dashed away by scary news that she had a choroid plexus cyst in her brain. This meant that she may have down syndrome, something worse, or she was just fine and there was nothing to worry about. I had blood work done that minute to get sent off for chromosomal testing. That would be the longest week I can remember in my recent life! I did so much research on the internet that I made myself crazy. There should be a block on those sites for pregnant women or a disclaimer saying, “STOP! Call your doctor and ask these questions!” Finally, I got a call from my doctor saying everything was perfectly normal and this happens often. Too bad the internet told me about 1-2% of “normal” babies actually have choroid plexus cysts. I was so relieved but couldn’t believe, and sometimes still worry, that she might not fall in that 1-2%.

After that scare, I had another. I have had horrible pains on the right side just under my rib cage. This pain spreads through my chest, down my back, and around my right shoulder. I am somewhat used to these pains, because years ago I had gallbladder attacks and had my gallbladder removed. I told my doctor about these pains, and there was some concern that I was developing preeclampsia very early. So I went up to the lab for blood work and then another few days of high anxiety. A friend had preeclampsia and she delivered nearly 3 months early. The tests came back normal. I still don’t know what is causing that pain, though.

The Ugly:
There are routine tests done at every appointment. At every appointment, I check in and then have to go pee in a cup. Nothing fancy about it. The doctor needs to check for any infections that may have occurred since the last time you were in. Makes sense right? Well sometimes those tests lead to other tests! UGH! You think you are going in for a 10 min visit and it turns into an hour-long process. All sorts of infections are possible when you are pregnant and could cause preterm labor. Rightfully so, the doctors do not take these lightly.
This is more awkward than ugly: the father is there with me and has to witness what it is like to get a vaginal exam. Its kinda embarrassing and awkward, but we are having a child together. So he should be familiar with those parts of my body right? NO lol. He made a joke one day, that being a girl you have to lose all boundaries. Pretty much! When you are pregnant so many people become involved in your, used to be, private areas.


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