All Sports Bras Are Not Created Equal

Sports bras are quite possibly the most misunderstood of all bras.  As women, we all know that we need good support when being active. However,  it is a common misconception that our breasts are only supported during exercise when they crammed into and uncomfortably smashed down by a compression sports bra.
Many sports bras out there are of the compression variety, but a sports bra that has a band and cup size, known as an encapsulation bra, will actually tend to be more supportive and comfortable for the wearer.
 Some of the best encapsulation sports bras are made by

Anita.   Anita has been in business since 1886 and they have learned a thing or two about making high quality and well designed bras.  Every single Anita bra undergoes a detailed final inspection before being shipped out, ensuring that a flawless product is delivered.

Anita sports bras are labeled as light, firm or maximum support, with the maximum support being ideal for running or other high intensity sports.   Anita makes sports bras with the highest quality fabrics and details to make them highly functional.
At Bosom Buddies, we are proud to offer five different Anita Sports Bras.  Which one best suits your lifestyle?

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