Bosom Buddies Diaper Drive

One of the things I love most about working at Bosom Buddies is the passion everyone here shares for helping new moms. I see this when my co-workers hurry to hold a door open for a mom pushing a double stroller, or when my manager holds the store open late just so a family can pick up a hospital grade pump that they desperately need. So when our local CBS station ran a story about Diaper Banks last year, we saw an opportunity to support families in a new way by hosting a diaper drive.

Diaper DriveFrom Sept. 20 through Oct. 1 we are teaming up with The Bottom Line Catholic Charities to collect diapers and donations for families in need. We’re also hosting a diaper drive event on September 26 complete with snacks and games to get you in the giving spirit!

Why Diapers? 

We’re often so concerned in the store with making sure moms are able to feed their babies, get their milk supply up, etc. that we don’t think about the end result of feeding babies: dirty diapers. An average baby goes through 6-10 diapers per day averaging out to a monthly cost of $100. If you happen to be earning minimum wage, that’s going to be 12-15% of your income each month just spent on diapers.

Let me break it down further:

  • Without disposable diapers, babies can’t attend childcare programs
  • Without child care programs, parents can’t work
  • Without work, parents can’t provide food and diapers

It’s a vicious cycle, no? Especially when you consider that 1 in 3 moms reports suffering from diaper need… and that government assistance programs do not cover diapers. You read that right, Food Stamps, WIC, and Medicare all exclude diapers.

What About Cloth Diapers?

Hey, we all know that although they’re more difficult to clean, cloth diapers can be more cost-effective than disposables. The problem with cloth diapers comes back, once again, to childcare. Many daycares require disposable diapers and refuse to accept cloth diapers as a substitute.

The second problem with cloth diapers is laundering them. Many low-income families must use laundromats in for their laundry, and many laundromats do not allow cloth diapers to be cleaned at their facilities. So while cloth diapers are a more affordable option than disposable diapers, they’re not a viable solution for the majority of families in need.

How to Donate

Bring your un-opened packages of diapers to Bosom Buddies! We are located at 8331-C S. Willow Street in Lone Tree – nearby Park Meadows. If you would prefer to donate money, we will be more than happy to accept monetary donations and provide you with a donor receipt for tax purposes.

The need for diapers in sizes 4,5, and 6 is currently the greatest, so keep that in mind the next time you make a diaper run. As always, thanks for listening and helping us reach families in need.

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