Bosom Buddies™ Weekly Sale: Nursing Pads, Nursing Covers and FAQs

Nursing Pads and Nursing Covers

Hello all you amazing moms and supportive dads! This week you can save big – 20% big – off of nursing pads and nursing covers in-store and online. Whether you’ve reached the bottom of your box of disposable pads or just want some extra washables so you don’t have to do laundry as often – now is the perfect time to visit us!

Nursing Pads and Nursing Covers
Pictured nursing cover: Hooter Hider by Bebe Au Lait Pictured Nursing Pads: Bamboobies

If this is your first time buying nursing pads or nursing covers (or if you’re a seasoned mom with unanswered questions) we’re also here to offer guidance. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about nursing pads and covers that can act as a helpful guide:

What is the main difference between disposable pads and washable pads?

Well, the biggest part of the answer is right there in the question. Disposable pads are thrown away after each use while you can re-use washable nursing pads by throwing them into the laundry. It’s mostly just personal preference…as long as you haven’t just had your baby.

In the first two weeks following birth, many women leak too heavily for washable pads. As your milk is coming in and your breasts are getting used to that, disposable pads – like these from Medela – can be a great option. Once your milk levels out and you regain some of your sense post-birth you may suddenly remember that you care about the environment and switch to washable pads.

Washable pads, or at least the ones we carry, have one advantage over disposables: COMFORT. For example, these nursing pads from Bamboobies are made from a soft blend of Bamboo Rayon and cotton – designed right here in Colorado!  We have samples of all the bra pads we carry in-st0re, so you’re always more than welcome to pop in and feel the difference for yourself.

Do I need a nursing cover?

The sole purpose of nursing covers is to make you feel comfortable when breastfeeding in public. All the nursing covers we have in stock – nursing scarves included – will perform that job admirably. Some nursing covers can be difficult to use at first, especially for new moms, but there are plenty of online videos and sources to aid moms in their quest to cover up.

Conversely, if you are comfortable nursing in public without a cover, more power to you! Many mothers find that nursing covers draw more attention to public breastfeeding, defeating the purpose of the cover in the first place. Ultimately we think that every woman should be able to nurse how they please – covered or no – so this question is one only you can answer.

Offer is valid September 13-19, 2015

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