What’s it like to be a buyer at a lingerie show?

Twice a year manufacturers gather in Las Vegas, New York and Paris in booths with bra-clad models, samples of new styles and colors, new catalogs and line sheets, and reps with sharpened pencils eager to take orders. It’s like an open air farmers’ market except it’s inside a fancy hotel with plush pink carpet. Every booth has a […]

All Sports Bras Are Not Created Equal

Sports bras are quite possibly the most misunderstood of all bras.  As women, we all know that we need good support when being active. However,  it is a common misconception that our breasts are only supported during exercise when they crammed into and uncomfortably smashed down by a compression sports bra. Many sports bras out there are of the compression […]

What’s happened to nursing bras in 20 years?

What could change in something so basic? Lots! Let’s talk about fabric, design and sizes. Fabric Nursing bras have benefited from the same fabric improvements we’ve seen in all bras: •Credit the folks who make sport bras for developing fibers and fiber blends that help keep you comfortable by wicking moisture away from your body. […]