Grandmother and Baby K’tan

Gayle Hiking

How does a grandmother carry her new grandson while shopping and HIKING?

When my daughter went back to work it was grandma’s turn to take care of her newest grandchild.  Not wanting to be in the house all day with him..we needed to find a way to “transport” him that was comfortable and convenient for both of us.

The idea of carrying him in his carseat; pulling out a stroller or having to wrap something around me was mind bogging.  A friend suggested looking into Baby K’tan.

This product was created by two sets of parents who had special -need children.  It was a true blessing!

I would just slip it on (no buckles; no wrapping) really very simple and most comfortable.  I was worried about the “stress” it might have carrying a three month old ..but there were none.

Soon after that my son and his family came west to visit.  We decided to take some of the kids on a hike in the nearby Rocky Mountain foothills. Yes, I carried my then almost 7 month old grandchild in the Baby K’tan.  My son and daughter in law were extremely surprised that I was able to manage the hike!!

Thanks to Baby K’tan I had a great bonding experience with my grandson while having fun too!!!

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