Here’s a Toolkit for Getting Breastfeeding Support From Your Insurance Company

Will your health plan cover lactation support services?
Will your health plan cover lactation support services?

The non-profit National Women’s Law Center has released a report detailing insurance company non-compliance with the preventive care coverages mandated in the Affordable Care Act.

While many insurance companies have stepped up to the plate in terms of providing breast pumps to new moms without cost, not all have; and getting no-cost lactation support is tricky or impossible. We have heard numerous stories of frustrating policies, unreasonable time frames and lack of in-network resources when moms are trying to access services.

Health plan call scriptThe Women’s Law Center has also produced a Toolkit for families full of definitions, flow charts and sample letters. If you are doing research on insurance coverage or having problems working with your insurance company, definitely take a look at this helpful resource here.

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