How To Clean Your Pretty New Bras: Hand Washing Edition

If you’ve purchased a bra from Bosom Buddies in the past it probably set you back anywhere between fifty and seventy dollars. We’re okay with selling bras that expensive because we truly believe in the quality, and if you’ve purchase a bra from us we hope you feel that way too. However, if you’ve dropped that much money on a bra, you probably want it to last as long as possible. The good news is that you can extend the life of your bra with careful care. Here are our recommendations for taking care of your bra just as well as it takes care of you.

How To Clean Your New Bra: Handwashing

You may groan when you read this, so I’m just going to come out and say it: the best way to care for your bras involves the dreaded hand-washing. When I think of hand washing, I conjure up an image of a woman in the barren frontier scrubbing long johns against a wash board. Luckily, these days hand washing doesn’t have to feel so antique nor does it have to be time consuming if you’re washing you’re bras frequently.

So how often should you wash your bras? Conservative estimates says that you should wash your bra every time you wear it, though some say you can get away with washing them every 2-4 wears. The key thing to remember is this: dirt and body oils (you’ve got them, even if you don’t want to admit it) are the enemies of bras. The dirt and oils erode the fibers of your bra and decrease the bra’s longevity. You know yourself best, and know everything you put your bras through on a daily basis, so you and you alone are the best judge of how often you need to wash your bra.

To hand wash your bras you only  need four things:

  1. Dirty bras
  2. Gentle, non-bleach detergent
  3. Warm water
  4. Sink, basin or bucket – make sure it’s clean

To start off, fill your sink, basin or bucket with warm water. I feel the need to repeat myself here. Make sure that your sink/basin/bucket is CLEAN before filling it with water. Washing dirty items in a dirty receptacle is not the way to get anything clean. Once you’ve filled your receptacle with water, it’s time to add the detergent.

Our favorite in-store detergent to use for hand washing is Eucalan. It’s an amazing, gentle, no-rinse detergent which cuts down your time and water usage by 50% (because it’s no-rinse). Feel free to use the mild detergent of your choosing, just do not use bleach. When you go to put the detergent in your sink full of water, you will only need a teaspoon or a tablespoon. Using extra detergent does not get your bras “extra clean” it only gets them extra sudsy which means you have to spent extra time get all those suds out.

Once your soapy water is prepared, it’s high time to throw those dirty bras in. Put them in the water and make sure you get them fully submerged. You are in essence drowning your bras in the soapy concoction. It’s good for them. If you’re using Eucalan you’ll want to gently squeeze your bras to get the detergent down into your dirty fibers. Otherwise, leave your bras to soak for at least 15 minutes. 15 minutes is the minimum here. It’s a perfectly acceptable time if you wash your bras frequently and thoroughly, but if you just ran a marathon in your bra, you’re going to want to let it sit a bit longer.

wooden-laundry-washing-clothes-lineOnce your bra has soaked for a lengthy enough time, it’s now time to rinse (if you’re using Eucalan you can skip this step). Let out all the now dirty water from the sink and thoroughly rinse each bras with clean water. You just want to rinse them until the water runs clean and there are no more suds. At this point you should have clean wet bras. Now what? Time to dry.

Bras are delicate, in particular if you have bras with molded cups you’re not going to want to wring them dry; this will affect the overall shape of your bra. Instead, the best way to dry your bra is to lay it gently on a dry towel. Hanging dry is another viable option, but you’ll want to avoid hanging by the straps or the band. This can stretch out the band, which was what we were trying to avoid by hand washing in the first place. Don’t go through the process of hand washing only have your hard work undone by improper drying.

So at this point, you’ve cleaned your bra and you’ve given it time to dry. Congratulations! It should now be ready to wear another 1-4 times. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You are now armed with the knowledge of optimal bra care and can pass this newfound knowledge on to others. Now please, go forth and use this knowledge.

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