How will you remember breastfeeding?

One of my personal regrets about breastfeeding is that I don’t have more pictures of my babies breastfeeding. True, it was a different time, I didn’t have my own camera/phone with me at all times and it wasn’t the era of celebrating life’s high points on Facebook and Instagram.

Breastfeeding pictures are an integral part of current activism to “normalize breastfeeding” by documenting everyday breastfeeding with tons and tons of pictures. There is photographer Victoria Simmon’scampaign, and Hector Cruz’ Project: Breastfeeding and even the US Breastfeeding Committee and CDC’s Landscape of Breastfeeding Support.
     Is breastfeeding always as easy, even blissful as most of these pictures portray? Of course not. Perhaps that’s even more of a reason to capture the times when it is. Abby Theuring at The Badass Breastfeeder put it beautifully as she described her desire to capture a breastfeeding picture for Facebook,“the way it feels to me inside.” Those were words that I wish I could have crafted.
     Considering my husband is a photographer and also a partner at Bosom Buddies, I have long had the dream of doing breastfeeding photos for the moms we see every day in the store. Could we gift someone with a breastfeeding photo that looks “the way breastfeeding feels inside”?
How about Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do these pictures? Would you like to give your sweetheart an intimate picture of you and your baby breastfeeding or skin to skin as a Valentine gift?
Here’s your invitation: we’ll have times available at the Lone Tree store Sunday, February 8 and at the Westminster store on Monday, February 9. The pictures you see here are the types of pictures we would like to take. Please call to make an appointment. We’d love to work with you.

Sue Petracek, IBCLC

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