Looking Back: My First Bra Fitting and How It’s Stayed With Me

Historically the women of my family have been flat-chested, never venturing beyond a B cup. When I hit puberty, my mother quickly realized that I wasn’t going to follow in the flat-chested footsteps of my fore-mothers. Cue panic. She didn’t know what to do with a 16-year-old girl quickly approaching a D cup, so she did what any mother would do: she sought the help of experts.

You’ll have to briefly remember that this was a time before Google. The year I got my first bra-fitting Ask Jeeves was still a search engine people used. So without the internet, the experts my mom found were women who owned a local bra shop. I won’t lie – teenaged me was not impressed with the store. There were no bright colored bras and no push-ups bras, and the woman fitting me seemed so ancient that she couldn’t possibly know how to help a teenage girl. Yet, the second I tried on one of their bras in my proper size, everything changed. 

If you’ve ever worn an ill-fitting bra for any duration of time, you’re probably familiar with the heavenly sensation of finding a bra with the perfect fit. I had been wearing a 32 B training bra, and the moment I got into that 34 D my breasts felt snug, secure, and supported for the first time since they sprouted. No more spillage, no more bouncing, no more sore back. A glorious moment indeed, even if the nude bra didn’t exactly fit in with my teenage aesthetic taste.

Yet providing me with a well-fitting bra was only one of the things the women in the store helped me with that day. They also educated me about how a bra was supposed to fit, the proper way to put on a bra (yes, there is a right way), and how to care for my bras to make them last. By taking me for a professional bra fitting, my mom not only got her teenage daughter’s breasts under control, she was also able to provide me with the tools I would need throughout my life.

Fast forward twelve years and I am now providing the same services to our customers at Bosom Buddies, carrying the memory of my first bra fitting with me.  My story, combined with our own research into teenage breast health, is the inspiration behind our upcoming Teenage Sport Bra Fitting Event. We want all teenage girls to have the support and information they need to start their breast journey with a strong foundation. We can’t guarantee that your daughter (or niece or friend’s daughter) will remember her first bra fitting as fondly as I remember mine, but we promise to do our best!


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