Milkmakers Lactation Cookies

Milkmakers Cookie

A few months ago, we started carrying cookies by Milkmakers, which claim to help boost your milk supply. I had been introduced to these some time ago, but skeptical of the claims. Finally, we decided to try them.

So far, our customers seem to really like them. We sell both the milk and the packaged prepared cookies. We several people who have said they really do work, and a couple that absolutely swear by them. Sounds a bit too good to be true-eat a cookie, increase milk supply. But, it seems to be true!

The key ingredients oats, brewer’s yeast and flax seed can all help boost breast milk production. The manufacturer says eating 1-2 cookies per day can make a noticeable difference in your supply. While of course it won’t be true for everyone, we’ve been pleased with the results we have seen.

And how do they taste? Great! Some say the prepared cookies are a bit dry, but after all, they are prepared, packaged and shipped. Compared to what you might buy pre-packaged at the grocery store, I say they are much better.

Plus, when nursing a baby (or babies), often eating takes a back seat. I often resorted to whatever I could grab out of the cupboard and eat on my way to the couch to sit and nurse.  With these cookies, you can know that what you are grabbing is specifically made to help support your breastfeeding.

What is your favorite breastfeeding snack?

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