Our Favorite Travel Tips From You

We so loved all the traveling with baby tips you all shared with us!  Here is just a couple of our very favorites:

•     Car travel with an older infant/toddler at night. Start trip before dinner, stop for dinner and change them into pjs, then they can fall asleep so you don’t have to make so many stops. Mine always transitioned easy from car to bed once we reached our destination. They stayed on schedule which is a huge plus on vacations.


•     I pack everything in Ziploc bags So if I drop something everything doesn’t go all over, and I can see through the bags. It makes things easier to find and helps keep the carry on back tidy and useable.


•     We gave small goodie bags to the passengers surrounding us on our son’s first flight. It had a small poem, a few pieces of candy and ear plugs. It instantly endeared everyone to us and made us feel more relaxed and not worried if he started crying.


•     When driving, we often plan our departure just before an early lunch (11am-ish). This way the kids have been up, have had breakfast and have had some time to play. Once in the car we offer some snacky-lunch foods. Then after that it’s off to nap-dream land for the kids and drive goes way smoother

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