Product review: Kiinde Twist Bottle System

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Several months ago, there was a well-publicized gathering at MIT with the stated objective of making pumping easier and more efficient. (For clarity, MIT is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, not lactation jargon.) Yep, these highly technical minds were directed toward the mundane female task of pumping breastmilk. Ideas take time and something may come of it. Meanwhile…

In a less publicized effort, MIT-trained parents/engineers at Kiinde have come up with a system to take that pumped liquid gold all the way from collection to delivery with efficiency and convenience. Skipping steps along the way, the Kiinde Twist System uses one disposable yet substantial screw-top pouch to pump into, chill or freeze, heat and, by snapping on a well-designed silicone nipple, feed the baby. No transferring milk from bottle to bag to bottle — no drips, dribbles or (horrors!) spills along the way.

Each part of the system has it’s own design elegance:
• Adaptors allow the collection bags to attach to all major brands of breast pumps.
• Screw on lids ensure a secure seal for the bags…no gapping ziplock or twist ties. Bags stand up on their own, but also lay flat for easy storage and fast freezing.
• BPA-, pthalate- and PVC-free pouches are disposable and recyclable. Only nipples to wash at the end of the day.
• Even if you weren’t using the Kiinde pouches, the breastmilk warmer is a winner. With no steam to burn caregivers (or siblings) and no overheating and damaging the milk, I eagerly give it a place on my counter top – and I am pretty stingy with counter top space.
• Once warmed, nipples snap on and the pouch slips into a frame. Now, every manufacturer says their nipples are the best. I don’t believe there is one “best” nipple, but this is exactly what we want a breastfeeding baby to have: a nipple that the baby has to suck and compress in a movement like they do when nursing with mom.

What may sound a bit intimidating (yikes, a whole system!) is really easy once you get your hands on it. That’s why Bosom Buddies is doing demonstrations of the Kiinde system at stores this coming Saturday, January 24, 2015. Come — touch and feel and see the pieces.

As a bonus, all Kiinde products are 10% off this Saturday. Plus, get a free set of nipples with any Kiinde purchase.

Bosom Buddies, Lone Tree (Park Meadows area) 10am-12noon on the hour.

Bosom Buddies, Westminster 2-4pm on the hour.

We look forward to seeing you!

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