Fact Check: Avoiding Saggy Breasts Syndrome After Nursing

Avoiding Saggy Breast Syndrome After Nursing

This is another in a series of posts examining breastfeeding information found on Pinterest.  Breast sagging (the technical term is “breast ptosis”) is a common lament when breastfeeding is completed. For some women this even can be a significant disincentive for breastfeeding.  Sara at The Healthy Home Economist proposes the causes of breast sagging are not having […]

Here’s a Toolkit for Getting Breastfeeding Support From Your Insurance Company

The non-profit National Women’s Law Center has released a report detailing insurance company non-compliance with the preventive care coverages mandated in the Affordable Care Act. While many insurance companies have stepped up to the plate in terms of providing breast pumps to new moms without cost, not all have; and getting no-cost lactation support is […]