The 2nd biggest sport bra myth: There is no sport bra that fits me

Panach sportYou may recall the biggest sport bra myth out there: All sport bras are about the same. Read about it here.

Now to the 2nd...There is no sport bra that fits me. (Did you ever wonder why it seems they only make sport bras for women who are already thin and fit?)

I can see why this myth persists. If you buy your sport bras from Target or Walmart, there are pretty much four choices: Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large. It’s a stretch to say that every woman fits into four sizes! (Pardon the pun.)

If you buy your bras at a sporting goods store, you might find a bra that has band and cup sizes. This is better, but only if your body and breasts fit into a 38DD or smaller.

I’m out to bust this myth (with apologies to Discovery Channel’s MythBusters).

#1. Breasts don’t need to be squished against your chest to minimize their movement during exercise. That’s called a compression sport bra. You could wear an Ace bandage to do that.  Here’s a better idea; an encapsulation sport bra. That means the bra is built with the right sized space for for your breasts, but it has real support built it to keep your breasts more still when you move.

We found these bras while looking for sport bras for breastfeeding moms. Compression can damage milk supply, but moms want to stay active even if they are still breastfeeding. Hooray! Encapsulation sport bras fill the bill.

The surprise is that these bras are waaaay more comfortable for the rest of us (not-yet or beyond-nursing). These are comfortable bras that fit and are easier to get off and on.

#2. There is a far greater range of sizes in sport bras than you ever imagined. Several manufacturer’s have discovered that larger women want to be active too. We now have sport bras up to a K cup and bands 28 thru 48. I have even fit a sport bra on a woman who needed more than a 48 and we were successful with an extender.

So there may be women that can’t find a sport bra that fits, but I’d bet we’ve narrowed that number down to a very few.



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