‘Tis the Season: Don’t Buy These As A Gift

This is a post for dads.

One year when I was young, my dad got my mom a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. We may have needed a vacuum cleaner; he certainly thought he had chosen a nice surprise. Let’s just say it backfired. My mom didn’t appreciate something that pointed out she was the cleaning person in the family.

With that example in mind, there are probably a few things a mom could use that she would NOT appreciate as a gift, even though she might like to have it. For instance, a Belly Bandit. Great product…helps moms feel more secure and pulled together after birth, etc. etc. Unfortunately, gifting this might say, “You are really looking fat. Here’s something to help that.” Bad idea.

Another example might be a dishwasher basket or bottle brush. Both good products and very useful in a household with a new baby. Not a good idea to imply that she is the one that needs to do the cleaning up. (On the other hand, if these items show up in your stocking, you had best smile and be very grateful.)

All joking aside, there are many things that are best chosen and fit to Mom specifically. Bras are hard enough to choose when you get to try them on. Buying for someone else is really hard. Some things that need to be fit can’t be returned (like the Belly Bandit or Preggers Maternity Tights). You get the picture.

The answer of course is a Gift Certificate. The idea of being able to buy one or more of those items herself without having to worry about squeezing it into the budget is very freeing for many women. This is a thoughtful gift she will appreciate!

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