‘Tis the Season: Gifts For a 2nd Time Mom

Sometimes the second time around it feels like everything baby needs is already taken care of…especially if baby #2 is the same gender as baby #1. So for the second time, third, fourth or whatever, I like to focus on  getting new things for mom. In addition, the reality and practicality of things she got for first baby, but realized weren’t really useful can’t help but color a wish list for the experienced mom.

Here are our ideas:

New Boppy Slip Cover & Second Boppy for Upstairs

Boppy Luxe Feeding & Infant Support Pillow

It’s nice to have fresh new stuff for a new baby, but the Boppy she had for first is probably still in great shape. Just freshen it up with a replacement cover and will feel just like new!If she likes nursing with a nursing pillow, she’s probably run into the situation of being ready to nurse but the pillow is upstairs or at the other end of the house. Baby is ready to eat, now! Having an extra pillow will save steps and time. It’s one of those little extravagances that means a lot.

A Pretty Nursing Bra

Nursing Bras

A lot of moms figure their nursing bras from the first baby will work just fine the next time around. Maybe they will. (Or maybe mom will turn out to be a different size this time. Or maybe those bras are very tired.)  She may have the practical basics covered. Surprise her with something a little different. What could be better than a bra that is pretty and fun? Wearing a pretty bra again can feel almost as good as finally getting out of maternity clothes!

Nursing Tanks

Untitled design-10

Along that same line, nursing tanks are a new mom’s staple. She probably has a couple already. A new style or color will be a welcome gift.

Nursing Pj’s or Gown and Robe

Nursing Gowns and Robes

A second time mom needs a little pampering. A sleepwear set or even a new set of j’s or a gown is an extravagance many moms won’t buy for themselves. Get her something soft and pretty to make her middle-of-the-night mom duties a little easier.

Reusable Snack Bags

Itzy Ritzy Reusable "Snack Happens" Bags

These bags definitely fall into the category of fun AND practical. Whether it is for take-along snacks for the older sibling, or a place to keep bra pads, moms will find a million uses for these versatile wet bags.

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