‘Tis the Season: Gifts for a Woman No Longer Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a very special, intense and often short part of a woman’s life. Bosom Buddies has provided moms-to-be and new moms with quality breastfeeding supplies and nursing bras for over 20 years.

But breastfeeding does come to an end. Each week we have several moms come into the store looking for a “real” bra now that they can finally retire their nursing bras. Do their old pre-pregnant bras fit? No! While a woman’s breasts may have gone back to a size similar to those of her previous life, the hormones of pregnancy have done their work and it’s almost as if you get a different set of breast back after breastfeeding.

Are they really softer and saggier? Probably softer that they’ve felt for a while because they had milk in them. And almost certainly droopier. That’s one of the downsides of babies; breasts have done their work for the time being.

So for the woman who has finished breastfeeding, consider these gifts:

A New Bra  (or another color of her favorite bra)

Bravado Body Silk

It can really help a woman to get a bra with the support that will help her feel like her old self. A new bra is a pick-me-up in more ways than one. This is a great time for a fitting, since it is if she is learning what works on this new version of her body.

Once a woman finds a bra she loves, she’d love to have several. And a fun color now and then is always a treat.

Cheeky Boy Shorts

Montelle Cheeky Boyshorts

Now all women look for matching panties to go with their bras. So why not make it a set since this is a gift after all. These panties make any woman feel younger all over again.

Eucalan Delicate Wash

Eucalan Delicate Wash

After getting a wonderful new bra, gift her also with some Eucalan to help keep the bra new looking. Most of us think we don’t have time for hand washing, but Eucalan takes half the time because it does not have to be rinsed out. A 15-minute soak, roll it up in a towel and she is good to go the next day.

Gift Certificate

Bosom Buddies Gift Certificate

New bras are great, but getting a good fitting may be the best gift of all. Get her a gift certificate so she can enjoy the pampering from start to finish.

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