‘Tis the Season: Gifts for Mom-to-Be

If this is Mom’s last holiday season without baby, there are definitely some items to help with preparation for baby.

Sleep Bra

Cake Cotton Candy Sleep Bra

I was horrified by the idea that I might need to sleep in a bra, but I soon realized that breasts getting ready to make milk grow and get tender. Having something soft to help hold breasts in place as mom is turning over at night can make her sleep easier and more restful. Once baby comes, a sleep bra will also help keep bra pads in place to control leaking.

Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve

Motherlove pregnant belly salve 4oz_800

One unwelcome part of pregnancy is the itchy skin that comes with a growing belly. This salve helps keep skin elastic, works to minimize stretch marks and relieves itching. Lightly scented with organic lavender and chamomile, it rubs in easily and leaves no oily or greasy feel.

25 Things Every Nursing Mother Needs to Know

25 Things Every Nursing Mother Needs To Know

For a first-time mother, breastfeeding can be daunting. This book is a concise, simple guide for women who want all the essential information on breastfeeding in an attractive, quick-read format.

Preggers Compression Tights

Untitled design-8

Do compression stockings make you think of the thick, ugly stockings your grandmother used to wear? Banish that thought. These fashionable tights deliver a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle that gradually decreases to the top of the stocking to promote better blood flow and reduce fatigue. Top fits during all stages of pregnancy.

Peaceful Pregnancy Tea

Untitled design-9

High in essential nutrients and trace minerals necessary during preconception, pregnancy and beyond, this blend is a prenatal supplement in a cup. Although it does not replace real foods and a good food-based prenatal vitamin, it was formulated to be enjoyed daily as a part of your nutritional self-care. Raspberry Leaf infusion is frequently recommended for use throughout pregnancy and this tea combines it with herbs that nourish deeply and impart a sense of peace and calmness to make it the best preggie tea around!

Basics of Breastfeeding Class


Breastfeeding is natural…but there’s a lot to be learned to make breastfeeding go smoothly. Our goals are for you to leave believing you can breastfeed your baby and knowing where to get help and information when you need it. In this interactive class, we’ll talk about the myths and realities of breastfeeding and answer your specific questions as you approach the arrival of your baby. Most people spend hours in a childbirth class for an experience that will last a day or two. Spend at least these three hours preparing for the breastfeeding you will be doing for weeks and months.

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