‘Tis the Season: Gifts Under $25

Are you looking for a gift that speaks of caring and thoughtfulness without quite so much of an expenditure? Check out these ideas:

The First Years  American Red Cross First Aid Kit, $12.95

The First Years American Red Cross First Aid Kit

Not just for new moms of course, but a handy first aid kit keeps everything you need in one place. No looking for the misplaced tweezers just when you need them. This would also make a great travel first aid kit to stash in the car for the family.

Milk It Labeling Kit, $16.95

Milk It Labeling Kit

A door-hanger for pumping privacy, labels for milk stored in the office refrigerator, a pump bag ID tag….mundane items given a fun twist with colorful graphics.

“Milk Junkie” Baby Shoes, $19.99
Untitled design-6

Do babies need shoes? No. Are baby shoes cute? Absolutely! There’s something about miniature footwear that brings a smile to anyone’s lips. These statement shoes are guaranteed to get a grin from all of baby’s admirers.

The Nursing Mother’s Companion, $16.95

Harvard Press The Nursing Mother's Companion 6th Edition

This is my favorite breastfeeding how-to book. It’s got general information and great step-by-step sections. But the best is that it is organized by how old the baby is and has a good index. Sore nipples when baby is 3 days old needs different instructions than sore nipples when baby is 5 months old. You will find that and more here.

Nursing Bracelet or Necklace, $8.99-$27.95

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Necklace and Nursing Bracelet

Here we have teethers for baby cleverly disguised as fun jewelry for mom to wear. Babies always grab for the pretty things mom is wearing; why not make those pretty things non-toxic, dishwasher-safe, soft, flexible silicone? Mom may continue to wear this jewelry long after baby’s teething days are past.

Boon Grass & Accessories, $5.99-$29.99

Boon Countertop Drying Rack

Speaking of things mom will keep using after the baby stage, Boon grass is a dish/bottle/nipple/sippy cup/pump parts/any-small-item drying rack that sits on the counter and definitely doesn’t look like a drying rack. With a removable tray under the grass for cleaning, the plastic grass holds items aloft for air drying. Butterfly and flower accessories add to the design and provide more crevasses for hanging unusual shaped items.

Birds and Bees Teas, $18.00

Birds and Bees Loose Leaf Pregnancy Teas

Wonderful varieties of loose leaf teas for everything from heartburn to sleeplessness to concerns about milk supply. Several are good for the whole family. I love the Family Immunity Tea to help increase resistance to all sorts of winter-time ills; it tastes so good I serve it to guests during the holidays.

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