‘Tis the Season: Stocking Stuffers (all under $10)

Even though our nest is empty, Santa still fills stockings for my husband and I and any guests we have staying with us, so I am always on the lookout for smallish items with a low enough price that I can afford to get several. While these particular ones won’t be showing up in my husband’s stocking, you may know a mom who would enjoy every one!

Reusable Snack Bags, $9.99

Itzy Ritzy Reusable "Snack Happens" Bags

How many boxes of plastic sandwich bags do you go through in a month or a year? Here’s the ecological, reusable solution. Zipper top bags of 100% cotton with PVC-free lined waterproof interior. Perfect for storing breast pads or snacks. Certainly there are dozens of uses for these machine washable bags.

Eucalan Stain Towelettes, $4.95


For a pumping mom or anyone around kids, these towelettes can save an outfit from spit, leak or splash. Carry them in purse, car and diaper bag so they are always handy when the need arises. One of those thoughtful gifts you probably wouldn’t think of for yourself.

Pregnancy Cookie/Lactation Cookie, $2.99

Lactation Cookies

Packaged singly, these nutrition-packed cookies are the perfect pick-me-up when hunger hits. Pregnancy Cookies are perfect for when mom-to-be is feeling hungry all the time. Lactation Cookies have ingredients traditional used to increase milk supply. And who doesn’t love eating a cookie?!

Nipple Cream, $9.99

Motherlove Nipple Cream

Sore nipples need an emollient that doesn’t have to be washed off before baby nurses. Both Motherlove’s Nipple Cream and Medela’s Tendercare Lanolin fit that criteria. In our dry climate, you really can’t have too many of these tubes or jars around. In addition to nipple care, they are great for cracked skin, small scrapes and all the little dings life has to offer. If you’re like us, you’ll keep your house full of this long after your nursing days are over.

Quick Clean Microsteam Bags, $5.99

Medela Quick Clean Bags

Quick Clean Bags are steam bags for pump parts and bottles. Just rinse parts and run for 2 minutes in a microwave and a mom is all set for her next pumping session. Each bag can be used 20 times and a package has 5 bags. It doesn’t get much easier than that folks.

Aden & Anais Bar Soap, $4.95


This fragrance free, mild bath bar is perfect for babies, toddlers and adults with sensitive skin. It moisturizes with pawpaw fruit, coconut oil and shea butter and is gentler than most soaps on the market.

Sample Size Birds & Bees Teas, $3.95

Birds and Bees Sample Teas

Wonderful varieties of loose leaf teas for everything from heartburn to sleeplessness to concerns about milk supply. Several are good for the whole family. I love the Family Immunity Tea to help increase resistance to all sorts of winter-time ills; it tastes so good I serve it to guests during the holidays. These sample-size portions are perfect to slip into a stocking.

Itsy Ritzy Teething Pendant, $8.99

Itzy Ritzy Teething Pendant

Here we have teethers for baby cleverly disguised as fun jewelry for mom to wear. Babies always grab for the pretty things mom is wearing; why not make those pretty things non-toxic, dishwasher-safe, soft, flexible silicone? Mom may continue to wear this jewelry long after baby’s teething days are past.

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