To go or not…traveling with baby

traveling momAccording to AAA, 46.3 million people will be traveling farther than 50 miles during the Thanksgiving weekend. Of those, 3.55 million will be flying; most of the rest will be driving. Double those numbers for Christmas holiday travel.

Do you have a young baby? It’s a great time to travel as a family. Everyone loves to see a baby and they will be accommodating and smiling all along the way. Probably the younger the baby, the less gear you’ll have to take too.
Here are a few tips for traveling, whether by plane or by car:
Allow extra time. You know already the Murphy’s Law of Babies (if it can happen it will happen), meaning baby will have a blowout diaper or spit up all over you just when you get tight on time.
Find a quiet corner to feed your baby, a bit before you expect him to be really ready to eat. Whether you are in an airport or at your in-laws, when baby is still calm and you get to pick the place and set yourself up comfortably, you will feel more confident.
Take more diapers, more baby outfits and at least one more shirt for yourself than you think you will need. Keep them packed in an easy-to-reach place, so when spit happens, you’ll be ready.
Use a sling or baby wrap. You’ll have your hands free for luggage and water (drink extra), and baby will be close, comfortable and protected.
Don’t worry about what others may be thinking. These are your choices and your baby. Anyone who has ever had a child will understand you are doing the best you can, regardless of the situation. Enjoy your trip!

Sue Petracek, IBCLC

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