Top 10 Customer Comments of 2013

Bosom Buddies Employees

We love our customers, and they love us! These are our favorite comments we heard from our customers in 2013

  • I love love love my new bras. The comfort is amazing and I wish I     hadn’t waited so long. I am, however, still hiding in a hole until I can fully accept my new 34F sized boobs. I still can’t believe that my barely-a-b turned I to these mammoths. When I come around to that, ill poke my head into the store again 🙂
  • Thanks for the note, Robin. I love my bras! Thank you for making me so comfortable. Even after baby, I’m very modest. You are perfectly suited to make women comfortable in their skin.
  • Gayle, Thank you for your email.   I sure am glad that I discovered your store, and I am grateful for the wonderful assistance all of you provide. I will be back for my next sports bra!
  • Sue, Thanks so much for the tips and the link! [My baby] and I did much better today, I pumped an extra 3 oz. and she’s eating more often. Thank you so very much too for talking to me about sleeping with her. Not only did I sleep last night, but whenever I woke up with her on my chest, I felt so much love for her.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Hi Gayle! Thank you so much for helping me find such a great nursing bra!  This is my third go-round with nursing a baby but my first time ever having a nursing bra that fit so well and actually offered support!  🙂  Thank you again!
  • “I spent just as much money as I would have in a department store, but here I had a really good time.”
  • “My friends told me I have to go to BB.  They are the best!”
  • [Customer] called back today to thank me for figuring out what was wrong with her pump.  She had been using the wrong transformer and she said the new one has saved her a ton of time and she is now getting 1-2 more ounces when she pumps. 🙂
  • [Customer] ordered 2 more bras , because she said “it has been years since I have been so comfortable.  Thanks to you.”
  • Just had a customer that said, “I love this store, you are my saving grace. Only place I can find bras that fit.”

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