What’s happened to nursing bras in 20 years?

pretty bra3What could change in something so basic? Lots! Let’s talk about fabric, design and sizes.


Nursing bras have benefited from the same fabric improvements we’ve seen in all bras:

•Credit the folks who make sport bras for developing fibers and fiber blends that help keep you comfortable by wicking moisture away from your body.

•Fabrics can keep you smelling fresh: Incorporating a bit of silver (really!) into fabric helps neutralize odors. Bamboo is another new fabric for clothing and lingerie; and it is naturally antimicrobial (that means bacteria in your perspiration doesn’t grow as fast).

•Cotton used to be the recommended fabric for nursing bras because of its breathability. Unfortunately cotton stretches as you wear it (like jeans). Many synthetic fabrics are designed for breathability, but hold their shape better.

•Historically paste, whalebone, steel and rubber have been used in women’s undergarments to hold body parts in place. Thank goodness Spandex was invented in 1959 and we now have fabric that is supportive without being constricting.


A nursing bra is an engineering challenge because breasts increase in size and especially in weight while pregnant and breastfeeding (think 2-4 times their normal weight). So a nursing bra is usually more substantial that many of us ever had before. This used to mean nursing bras looked like your grandma’s bras. Granted there are still sizes that still have that industrial strength look, but overall nursing bras now look like  regular bras. That means pretty (yes, even sexy), seamless cups, fun colors and even convertible straps for summer shirts and special occasions.


Before Bosom Buddies started selling nursing bras, we heard from moms how difficult it was to find a nursing bra with a cup larger than a DD or E. We took it on as a challenge to find bras with bigger cups and it wasn’t easy. First we found manufacturers who made nursing bras up to a H cup; things have grown from there (pardon the pun). Now we have bras in stock up to a K cup and have sources to order up to an O!

We have come a long way in 20 years. A breastfeeding mom can now count on getting a comfortable, stylish bra that fits her lifestyle and her changing body.

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